Hi, I’m Brendan Bond, Melbourne-based teacher and coach at Complete Alexander Technique.

Groups and individuals seek my services to enhance their performance in specific activities and their quality of life in general. 

I have developed a fusion of the Alexander Technique and NLP so that my clients can:

  • Consciously and confidently move beyond out-dated behaviours,
  • Deal decisively with emergent challenges, and
  • Generate targeted and flexible new skillsets.

When you take the time to systematically address your deep patterns of thought, emotion and action, amazing results will flow. To old challenges you will bring new resourcefulness; rigid habits soften into curiousity and spontaneity; and your sense of possibility is expanded and enlivened.

The only prerequisites are a strong desire to learn, a willingness to un-learn, and an openness to new possibilities.

If you'd like to know more about how Complete Alexander Technique may be of help, please call me during business hours on 0432 902 185 or send me an e-mail.